11 astonishing sci-fi shows and movies you can’t miss

The undead truly never die, and the onslaught of zombie hordes hitting Netflix this May is (un)living proof of that. It’s the first time zombies have infected Netflix this much since September 2020!

You could watch The Walking Dead, Daybreak, Black Summer, or a litany of other zombie shows and movies — or you could instead follow our carefully curated list that also incorporates a mix of the most important bits of science fiction this month.

If you find yourself hungering for a taste of tomorrow this May, sink your teeth into these 11 science fiction shows and movies, with special attention given to some options that explore post-apocalyptic fiction and zombies. However, it’s not all flesh-eating ghouls! We’ll always focus on what’s new, original, or leaving Netflix soon.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a family road trip gone horribly wrong.Netflix

From producers Phil

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Sci-Fi Writer or Prophet? The Hyperreal Life of Chen Qiufan

But for the people working in the genre, the sudden crush of attention and esteem has been vertiginous. “None of us had the goal of taking over the world,” says Emily Jin, a translator and protégé of Ken Liu who has worked closely with Chen. “We’re just a bunch of nerds having fun together.” In China, where rapid technological change keeps transfiguring the world beyond recognition, “one of the most important qualities in a writer is sensitivity—the ability to capture the strangeness in everyday life,” Chen says. And it can be hard to maintain that sensitivity when you’re squinting under the spotlights.

Chen turns 40 this year, but at first glance—lithe and graceful, sporting candy-­colored Adidas high-tops—he could easily pass as a man in his twenties. He is cerebral, wry, and soft-spoken. Chen lives in Shanghai but came to Beijing for two weeks in October, where I meet him at

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The Best Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon, and More

Real life? Overrated. We’d rather spend our time thinking about what could be with the best sci-fi TV shows to watch right now on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and more streaming services. Take us away from this boring dystopia, and send us (temporarily) to a real dystopia of time travel, advanced artificial intelligence, and space cruisers!

From the all-time classics to the new releases ready to take their place, we’ve spent years of our lives watching everything in the sci-fi genre and have collected our favorites that are ready to stream. Below you’ll find plenty of shows across various streaming platforms that are about future societies, clones, robots with feelings, galaxies far, far away, and even immortality.

Check out our list of all the best sci-fi shows for you to dive into on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and more.

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Doors review: sci-fi movie anthology chews over one brilliant idea

One of the worst myths about creative work is that the only difficult thing about it is finding that initial killer idea, the standout spark that gives a project its energy. Actually, ideas are fairly easy — it’s the execution that’s hard. Just getting a good idea onto the page or onto the screen in a way that makes it feel different from thousands of other, similar ideas is hard enough. Executing it in a way that lets it live up to its full potential is even harder. Do it right, and even without a substantial production or marketing budget, you might end up with the kind of underground success that builds a substantial following via slow-build word of mouth. Do it wrong, and you end up with something like the baffling indie science fiction movie Doors, which starts with an energetic idea, then dissipates it with a series

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