AMU Military Degrees: Educating Those Who Serve

  • Learn the basics of bookkeeping, accounting and auditing.

  • Identify administrative roles, services, and opportunities, as you learn how to support management within different organizational environments.

  • Prepare for the professional world through general education and business fundamentals.

  • Gain the interpersonal and group communication skills required for success in all professions.

  • Combines solid foundational coursework with hands-on learning, and it complements certifications, such as Security+ and A+.

  • Acquire the basics of national or international security by studying terrorists’ weapons, motivations and vulnerabilities.

  • Learn the fundamentals of criminal justice theory, terrorism and law enforcement objectives and administration.

  • Supplement your culinary experience and training with knowledge and skill in foodservice management and operations.

  • Become proficient in functional coding and methods, analytics and analytical methods, and machine learning.

  • Explore healthy child development practices that are utilized in a variety of childcare and educational settings.

  • Explore the background and science behind explosives and the basics of

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    Elizabeth Parkinson to serve as new senior vice president for marketing and communications at Ohio State

    The Ohio State University announced today that Elizabeth Parkinson will serve in the newly created position of senior vice president for marketing and communications, pending approval by the Board of Trustees.

    A leading figure in strategic communications and brand marketing, Parkinson brings more than 25 years of experience in higher education, professional sports, consumer products, business services, nonprofit organizations and government. She will consolidate Ohio State’s marketing and communications efforts into one unit responsible for overall brand, marketing and communications strategy and implementation. Parkinson will lead an integrated team of strategic marketing and communications leaders focused on centralized centers of expertise, as well as college and unit-based professionals who support the distinct needs of their organizations in building brand strategies, enhancing community connections and engagement, and inspiring more students and families to seek Ohio State as a destination for excellence in education.

    She will be a member of the

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