Switzerland and Canada give additional support to education system strengthening in partnership with UNESCO and the Ministry of Education – Jordan

Amman-12 July 2021 – Switzerland confirmed a contribution of USD 1.6 million to the Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) in support of the “System Strengthening Partnership with Jordan’s Ministry of Education” (SSP) programme, implemented with UNESCO technical support under the leadership of the Ministry of Education. Canada also announced an additional contribution of USD 400,000 to their initial contribution of USD 1 million.

The SSP is a four-year programme (2019-2023), supporting the Ministry of Education (MoE)’s Education Strategic Plan (ESP), focusing on system strengthening as one of its core domains. With its contribution, Switzerland joins Canada, Italy and Norway in the Multi-Partner Trust Fund to support this joint MoE-UNESCO initiative. The initiative represents a success story and contributes to the shared goal of providing inclusive quality education to all learners based on the principles of partnership, coordination and aid effectiveness in support of Jordan’s education sector.

Canada’s pivotal role as

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Investing in Learning: the Case for Strengthening the Collection and Use of Learning Assessment Data in EiE Contexts [EN/AR] – World

Executive summary

Global displacement is at a record high, with children under 18 accounting for 40 percent of the 79.5
million people forcibly displaced. Children in these conflict and crisis contexts make up about 20 percent
of the world’s primary-school aged children, but represent about 50 percent of those not in school. While
improvements in education access have been made, one in three refugee children still have no access to
primary education, and two-thirds of these drop out before they make it to secondary education.

At the same time, the world faces a learning crisis, with far too many children not learning the basics in
school. There are numerous examples – from Ghana and Malawi, where more than 80 percent of students
at the end of grade 2 were unable to read a single familiar word such as ‘the’ or ‘cat’, to urban Pakistan
where 40 percent of grade 3

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