Teachers Are Watching Students’ Screens During Remote Learning. Is That Invasion of Privacy?

At first, Ramsey Hootman thought something might be wrong with her son’s school-issued laptop. All of a sudden, most of the browser tabs he’d opened had closed, seemingly of their own accord.

It took a little while to figure out that the culprit was actually a teacher, who’d used a tool called Securly Classroom to view her son’s screen and close out all but two of his tabs—an action that, to both mother and son’s frustration, gunked up an assignment he’d been trying to research.

Remote classroom-management tools like Securly Classroom and its competitors give teachers an expansive, real-time look into what their students are viewing or working on. As Hootman discovered, they also contain a panoply of features, like the ability to freeze a student’s screen, or to call up, block, or limit tabs.

In interviews, some teachers said they use the tools in productive ways rather than to

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Gov. Wolf and COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force Announce Plan to Vaccinate Teachers, Other School Staff

Wolf administration, national guard and local IUs partnering to administer the J&J vaccine
Classroom learning and nutritious meals are important, especially for our youngest students

As part of the priority to safely and quickly get more students back in the classroom, Governor Tom Wolf and the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force today announced that Pennsylvania will use the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) single-dose COVID-19 vaccine for PreK-12 teachers and other school staff.

The governor was joined by task force members Sen. Art Haywood, from the Senate Democratic Caucus, Rep. Bridget Kosierowski from the House Democratic Caucus, Sen. Ryan Aument from the Senate Republican Caucus, and Rep. Tim O’Neal from the House Republican Caucus.

“This new single-dose vaccine adds another layer of support to get students and teachers back in the classroom,” Gov. Wolf said. “Teachers and staff who work with our children will be vaccinated, and I commend the task

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Schools rarely teach climate change outside of science class. Teachers are changing that.

Schools rarely teach climate change outside of science class. Teachers are changing that.
Schools rarely teach climate change outside of science class. Teachers are changing that.

There’s a pretty good chance you remember all of those early, iconic lessons learned in school, from the fetching utility of Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to the way your mind was quietly blown with the realization that the green light in The Great Gatsby might be more than just something at the end of a dock.

But what’s the likelihood of that early, iconic lesson being about climate change, a looming global catastrophe that will have devastating consequences without radical, immediate (and thus unprecedented) action?


Somewhat slim, considering that, at present, there’s no unified climate curriculum for K-12 science education in the United States, as Glenn Branch, deputy director at the National Center for Science Education, an organization that advocates for an accurate science education, points out. As Branch explains, this

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Belleville Teachers Union Leery As Schools Prepare To Reopen

BELLEVILLE, NJ — “Teachers want to teach. We just want to do it safely.” This was the sentiment among union members in Belleville on Thursday night, as the public school district prepares to move ahead with its plan to reopen amid the coronavirus crisis.

According to the restart plan, there will be a “hybrid” mix of online and in-person classes on Sept. 8, the first day of school in Belleville. The lower grades and special education students will be the first groups to attend in-person classes, with the other grades attending class remotely until they’re gradually phased in.

But whether that can be done safely is still up in the air – literally, according to Belleville Education Association President Mike Mignone.

“We are compelled to inform the Belleville community that the Belleville Education Association (BEA) does not believe that our schools are providing our students and staff with a safe

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