Virtual Labs – The Complete Guide to Virtual Labs

Using virtual labs allows you to give students an endless amount of time to repeat and engage in experiments. In fact. virtual labs allow students to control time: Students can speed up time to complete experiments and study results faster, slow down time to see the details of rapid chemical reactions, and go back in time to repeat experiments multiple times.

There’s no rush in a Labster simulation, so students can go at their own pace, checking theory whenever they want, and repeating experiments again and again, until they’ve mastered it. They don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

In Labster’s Embryology lab, for example, students might incorrectly place a needle in an egg during the windowing experiment, or forget to sterilize the outside of the egg prior to windowing. It is just as likely that students make these mistakes in the virtual lab as it is in a real

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Medscape Education to Engage Clinicians with Virtual Conference on Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases

NEW YORK, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pivotal issues in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and endocrine diseases will be the focus of the Metabolic and Endocrine Disease Summit, (MEDS) sponsored by Medscape Education, July 28-30. The Summit will contextualize the most recent developments and guidance in the diagnosis and management of common metabolic, endocrine, and cardiovascular conditions, with the goals of helping clinicians apply the latest data to their practice to improve patient outcomes.

The conference will be chaired by Scott Urquhart PA-C, DFAAPA, Past President of the American Society of Endocrine Physician Assistants and Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Physician Assistants Program at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va. He will be joined by a faculty of nurse practitioners and physician assistants from leading institutions who will present three sessions on emerging topics in endocrinology, diabetes, and cardiovascular risk reduction.

“We’re excited to welcome

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For Some West Virginians, Virtual And Homeschool Were Game-Changers For Learning

We continue with our summer education radio series, “Closing the COVID Gap.” In our last story, we heard from West Virginia’s 2021 Teacher of the Year. Now, we take a closer look at what some West Virginians are thinking about when it comes to school this fall.

Last year, many West Virginia counties were forced into remote and virtual learning models as COVID-19 spread worsened. Some students struggled with learning from home, but there were also some who thrived. By August 2020, 50,000 students in the Mountain State had signed up for full, virtual learning.

But some, like 17-year-old Reese Wilbur, a student at Capital High School in Charleston, made the decision to go virtual after the school year started.

“The first two weeks we were red, so I couldn’t go in-person,” said Wilbur, referencing the color-coded COVID-19 risk map used by the West Virginia Department of Education. “[But] I

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What is professional development in education? | Virtual College Fair

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or a first-year teacher, it’s never too early (or late) in your career to think about professional development.

Investing in yourself as an educator is the best way to ensure both professional growth for yourself and academic growth for your students. The demands of teaching are constantly evolving—and it’s up to you to keep up with the latest developments in the teaching field. Taking part in professional development can help you stay on top of teaching and instruction trends, expand your skill set, and create a curriculum that sets your students up for success.

So, what does professional development in education look like? Most people hear the term and think of traditional settings like seminars, college courses, or conferences. However, professional development can happen informally through individual research and reading, classroom observation, or peer discussions. To put it simply, if it’s helping you stay informed,

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