This young, Black, female scientist from NC leads efforts to find a COVID-19 vaccine

As a teenager growing up in Hillsborough, Kizzmekia Corbett had never seen a Black scientist before. Then she walked into a lab at UNC-Chapel Hill one summer, met Albert Russell, a PhD student, and for the first time believed she could be one.

Now, at 34, Corbett is the scientific lead for the government’s search for a coronavirus vaccine at the National Institutes of Health.

“It made all the difference, I’m probably here because of that,” Corbett said. “Just knowing that it was possible.”

She’s become that example that she never saw and is now an assurance to other inquisitive, smart girls with an interest in science that anything is possible.

Corbett is a young, Black woman in a sea of older, white men in suits and lab coats. She’s making appearances on national TV as a scientific expert, briefing President Donald Trump about potential COVID-19 vaccines and working on

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If You Think Your Kids (or Babies!) Are Too Young to Understand Race, Here’s Proof They Already Do

A multi-ethnic group of preschoolers are playing with plastic blocks together in class.
A multi-ethnic group of preschoolers are playing with plastic blocks together in class.

There’s a pervasive myth that children are these pure, blank slates who cannot develop racial prejudices unless they are explicitly taught to do so. They’re color-blind, many will say, and we shouldn’t talk to them about race because they’re too young, too confused, and too innocent. If a young child does talk about race or expresses any form of bias, many adults quickly change the subject. They’ll dismiss it or cast blame, either with a “you don’t know what you’re talking about” or a “we don’t say things like that.”

Race is one of the first things an infant can discern. And they just keep learning from there.

Although it’s true that babies may be born as blank slates, decades worth of psychological research has discovered that, developmentally, race is one of the earliest emerging social categories.

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The Young Experts Bucket List

Understanding what interests you and what you are very good at will form the basis for identifying a profession that will offer satisfaction in your initial job—and beyond, as your interests and abilities develop over the years. The Sprague Concert Choir is created up of the most sophisticated sophomore, junior, and senior vocalists at the school. Thus, education systems and person schools seldom learn from each other about what it takes to enhance education for Indigenous students. Research continues to discover that early childhood education can compensate for a lack of finding out possibilities at house, and can assist young children commence to develop the social and emotional abilities necessary for success later in life.

For this cause, the fourth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4) , which defines the new global agenda for education and was adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, emphasises improvements in the top quality of … Read More