June 23, 2024


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Talent Management – Enhancing Performance With Online Learning Or E-Learning Tools

Talent Management has started to leverage greatly on learning and knowledge management approaches to enhance the performance of talents. Many learning platforms are incorporating online learning or e-learning as delivery channels. This has greatly impacted how knowledge information is managed as well.

Learning Management System or LMS is software for delivering, tracking and managing training. A complete LMS or learning management system tracks both online learning and physical training attended by the learner. More dynamic systems are developed with the learner’s KPIs or Key Performance Indicators incorporated within.

Linking directly to the learner’s KPIs would give the evaluator better gauge of the learner’s ability to apply what was learned, thereby indicating the Learning ROI or Learning Return On Investment. This ties in well with the measurement of expected learning outcomes.

Companies who have the budget would leverage on the the LMS or learning management system to semi-automate the learning process and manage the efficiency of each training program.

Benefits of the LMS is that it tracks the learning progress of the learner, with reminders to complete select programs applicable to the learner’s work requirements and progression path. When used as a talent management tool, the linking of KPIs or key performance indicators to the learning outcomes are most crucial as it forms part of the overall evaluation or appraisal system of work performance.

Closely intertwined within the LMS learning management system is the hosting of online learning or e-learning programs. Online learning or E-learning is most effective for access of static information which the learner previews the background and foundation of the topic in discussion.

As discussed, the LMS is capable of tracking both online learning and physical training programs. Blended with both forms of learning, it greatly enhances the learning curve of the learner.

Despite issues comprising of external factors which could render the measurement of Learning ROI less accurate, there are schools of thoughts supporting this trend. Many companies with the budget do leverage their Talent Management performance evaluation process on online learning and measuring the Learning ROI.

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