June 16, 2024


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Ten Things the Smartest Secular Elitists Probably Don’t Know About Our World – But Should!

  1. The smartest secular elitists in our society believe Darwin-Evolutionism theory is proven scientific fact – which is not so: despite many decades of effort, “life” has never been created in the laboratory; and of several hundred thousand fossils discovered during the past century-and-a-half , not a single one has been found having inter-step features. (Note: There is no question that Darwin was a brilliant scientist whose theories of “random mutations”, and “survival of the fittest” resulted in physical changes to living organisms, e.g. beak shapes of finches and skin colors of bears and humans. However, the scientific dispute is whether the initial forms of living organisms and creatures could have evolved solely by mutation and evolution – from lightning sparking an inanimate pre-biotic pool for initial life, then by mutational improvements from ancestor organisms to today’s multiplicity of living creatures, no matter how much time was available – or did they necessitate “Intelligent Design”, a Creator.) [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Darwin-Evolutionism – Undeniable Astronomic Improbabilities Despite Secular Claims of Proven Fact!]
  2. The fear of the power and intolerance of the secular elite: school boards, judges, writers, etc., regarding Darwin-Evolution is manifest in teachers losing their positions (recent documentary film “Expelled”) and outstanding scientists such as Dr. Charles Walcott, Director of the Smithsonian Institute and even Professor Albert Einstein doing the “unthinkable” for scientists, as long as a century ago. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Elitist World – “Brain -Washed” by Darwinism – Would Darwin Approve?]
  3. Pro-Darwin scientists, pursuing their goal for a century and a half, despite the continual deepening of the complexity of their theories (unyielding in their atheistic zeal), they cannot prove what their advocates claim; even admitting to “mysteries” in their research, using phrases such as, “almost like a miracle”. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Darwin-Evolutionism Verification Sought – Conclusion by Logic – Society’s Elite – Brain-Washed!]
  4. However, scientists who do challenge Darwin-Evolutionism (as the source of original creature types, including man) do so, and across the spectrum of scientific knowledge, with astronomic mathematical improbabilities of random mutations (even with infinite time) being able to ever achieve such complexity, perfection and variety. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: The Pajaro Dunes Conference – Scientists Challenging Darwinism!]
  5. While neither theory, Darwin-Evolutionism nor Intelligent Design, can be proved or disproved – the astronomic odds against Darwin-Evolutionism argue in favor of Intelligent Design. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: The More We Learn (Amino Acids, Proteins, DNA) the More Imp(roba/ossi)ble!]
  6. Our Universe was initiated by the Big Bang, when all the “matter” in it (plants, animals, cars, houses, cities, Earth, Solar System, our galaxy, all galaxies), was created; and since our universe is expanding, its “beginning” 13.7 billion years ago (say our smartest Cosmologists), was from a tiny particle of “super-compressed matter”; the “matter” (from Einstein’s e=mc-squared) having been transformed from an incredible amount of energy (source unknown). [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Age of Universe Equals 13.7 Billion Earth-Years (How About Six Einsteinian Cosmic – or Bible – Days?)
  7. After the Big Bang, for the first ten billion years (future Earth-time) in the expanding universe, what would become our Milky Way galaxy and our Solar system was part of a swirling mass; our Earth forming-up about four billion years ago. Using Einstein’s Law of Relativity (time dilation), the 13.7 billion years of Earth-Time is calculated to be equivalent to about six days (24 hours each) of Cosmic-Time (and also to the six days of the Bible). [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: In the Beginning, God Created – Six Days (Bible) vs (Science) 13.7 Billion Years – with Big Bang!; Conversation Stopper – Why Don’t the Space Shuttle and Space Station Fall to Earth?]
  8. A comparison of events by Astronomic and Earth sciences with the Bible shows remarkable correlation to Genesis, day by day: formation of galaxies; formation of our solar system; Earth forms, water appears, plants and trees appear; aquatic and flying creatures appear, mammals and humankind appear – not a single non-conformity! Noteworthy is that knowledge of Astronomy and the Earth sciences has only been acquired during the past few centuries, whereas, the Bible’s matching words have been known for millennia. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: From Darwin-Evolutionism to Intelligent Design – Inevitably!; Our Life-Friendly Planet Earth – Are We One and Only?]
  9. By 21st century artifacts, science and logic (verified by extra-biblical sources), plagues and miracles seem to have happened 3500 years ago at the Exodus of a Hebrew (Apiru) people from Egypt, and also at their crossing of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea), pursued by an Egyptian chariot army which drowns (artifact proof) to Mount Sinai (in Saudi Arabia). [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Hebrews in Egypt – Slaves and Plagues – Extra-Biblical Proof; Challenging Skeptics, is the Bible True? Mt. Sinai, “Yam Suf” (Red or Reed Sea) – Where Are They?; Miracles 3500 Years Ago, Biblical Exodus – the Only Logical Explanation for 21st Century Artifacts!]
  10. By recent history and logic, miracles also seem to have happened (to the salvation of Israel-Jews) during the birth-wars of the State of Israel and at its Entebbe rescue operation. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Munich ’72 and Entebbe ’76 – Murphy’s Law and Miracles?]