April 15, 2024


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Tencent leads the new-normal Smart Education era via Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions

Tencent leads the new-normal Smart Education era via Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions

The arrival of Covid-19 has given rise to a number of challenges that are the natural result of efforts to control the pandemic. Much affected by these measures has been the operation of Thai education, due to the limit of capability and efficiency of online education as well as technological inequality between more well-off institutions in bigger cities and their counterparts in remote areas.

Nearly 13 million students and 600,000 teachers have been forced to stay on pause. Also, in remote area, access to learning materials were uneven and new solutions were needed to ensure students in remote areas do not fall behind.

Attempting to reduce the gaps, Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Tencent), a leading provider of entertainment platforms and world-class technology solutions in today’s Smart Education era, remarked that: “The education sector needs to embrace changes to keep up with the current market situation and competitions in this digital age. Through a well-established online learning platform, students, parents, and teachers can engage with one another more effectively and efficiently.”

Indeed, Tencent has had outstanding success since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, when the company stood behind the reopening of schools in Wuhan city, ground zero for the outbreak, through the use of the Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions for online classrooms. Completed within seven days, it has supported more than 730,000 users in Wuhan.

Central components to Tencent’s continual success are the following four facets: Infrastructure and Maintenance, Operational Management, Interactive Classroom Solutions, and Smart Teaching Tools. Altogether, they enable the solutions to become a one-stop computing resources and management tool, facilitating and enhancing the efficiency of education in today’s new-normal era.

Not only has Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions elevated the management of servers, databases, storage, networking, bandwidth, security, allowing easier transition for digital education, its Software as a Service (SaaS) tools also reinforce each institution’s administrative processes, such as recruitment, admissions and enrolment, resource management, to name a few.

It is expected that the implementation of these solutions will narrow the educational gap caused by economic inequality between schools in Thailand. In addition, the company offers customisability as well as a Thai-based service support team, on hand to troubleshoot any operation problem which might occur.

Through Tencent’s key attributes, i.e. secure, stable, and scalable world-class cloud computing services and an in-country data centre, Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions users are promised real-time, high-definition, interactive online education experiences, further enhanced by a variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered teaching aids and deep learning technologies that automatically process images, voices, as well as translations relevant to any learning scenario.

Drawing on the company’s achievements, Mr. Chang Foo ensured the future of education under the new-normal: “The future is integral to technologies, such as cloud computing, machine learning, and AI.” 

He went on to say that leveraging cloud solutions and AI technology will “help to reduce educational gaps, as well as accurately analyse and develop a curriculum that allows students to review the lessons at their skill level.” It will also establish a platform where teachers and students can talk to each other – and build a tool that allows teachers to design instruction according to the learning nature of students, raising the overall quality of future education.