April 19, 2024


Science It Works


Science is every little thing and just about everywhere in The Incredible Adventures of Dr. Wonderful and Her Doggy!, a bubbly musical for small children at The Keegan Theatre that requires audiences on a journey from a pillow-fort spaceship to the solar and again, just in time for snacks. With a e book and lyrics by Lauren Gunderson (1 of the most produced playwrights in America considering that 2015) and new music by Bree Lowdermilk (whose initially album topped the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart), this kid-geared romp packs a punch of academic substance and hummable melodies.

Dr. Wonderful’s journey starts in her bedroom, an elementary schooler’s dream of eclectic toys, a blow-up guitar, and a butterscotch sweet jar, all established against a backdrop of thoroughly suspended bedsheets. These sheets are the canvas for playful projections that transfer the tale together, demonstrating clues to assistance us fix mysteries and consider us on a vacation throughout the solar technique. The projections ranged from the hauntingly attractive (the sun’s corona in the course of a solar eclipse and the rings of Saturn) to the very foolish (a spinning blacklit platypus that created many appearances all through the present).

Entrance: Christopher Rios as Newton, Again: Ruth Elizabeth Diaz as Dr. Great, Delante Dates as Ben by Cameron Whitman Images

Dr. Superb (Ruth Elizabeth Diaz) is a precocious, science-minded kid on a mission to save the sunshine from disappearing, with assistance from her dog Newton (Christopher Rios) and neighbor Ben (Delante Dates). The smaller solid is rounded out by Carianmax Benitez as Mother, who also is variously stylized as a detective and labcoat-clad researcher. The storytelling follows the sort of dream-like styles that are least difficult for more youthful minds to grasp because they adhere to child logic: “Just about every scientific problem is a thriller,” so we have to glimpse for clues! We showed how to test a scientific speculation, now let’s go to place!

Just like a make-imagine session unfolding in a kid’s playroom, the show’s journey ranges from the mundane to the magical. “I am the pet dog,” Newton announces in an opening music to clarify his lack of obviously canine-styled clothing. And right before you know it, this canine of seemingly several text is sporting a helicopter hat and promptly outlining photo voltaic fusion. Indeed, the solar fusion song is a emphasize, as Newton and Ben use mild-up beachballs to illustrate the process, performed by the at any time-professional Dr. Wonderful. Gunderson’s ebook and lyrics surely don’t hold back when striving to persuade young children that science is pleasurable: in accordance to a single lyric in the show’s finale, “Without having science, daily life would just be tedious.”

Christopher Rios as Newton, Ruth Elizabeth Diaz as Dr. Fantastic, Delante Dates as Ben by Cameron Whitman Photography

Other highlights throughout were being the projections by Zavier Augustus Lee Taylor, which transportation the audience from Mercury to Pluto (“In no way forget about,” claims Newton) and through textbooks and sparkly dance breaks. Speechless at the beauty of a projected celestial party, Newton finally murmurs, “This is so quite – wow.” The small Saturday afternoon viewers of families also oohed, ahhed, giggled, and gasped at the science magic, even as the performers appeared to battle to preserve their electrical power up and absolutely dedicate to the madcap adventures.

What the general performance lacked in endurance, nonetheless, it created up for in attraction and earnest enjoyment. From the show’s really very first moments, the performers prolonged a heat invitation for young children to participate in Dr. Wonderful’s journey. As quickly as the dwelling lights went down, the actors took to the stage with a information conveying what was about to occur and inviting emotions of all varieties to ebb and movement in the course of the efficiency: “Every person reacts a minimal in a different way, but the most critical issue is to have a excellent time!”

Working time: 60 minutes, with no intermission

The Astounding Adventures of Dr. Amazing (And Her Doggy!) is introduced by Keegan’s programming series for youthful people today and families, Keegan Participate in-RAH-KA (PRK). Performances will be at The Keegan Theatre (1742 Church Street NW, Washington, DC 20036) via July 24. Tickets are $25 and can be procured on the internet at www.keegantheatre.com, about the cell phone at 202-265-3767, or in person at the Keegan Theatre Box Business office. For data on the Keegan Theatre’s covid-19 guidelines, be sure to pay a visit to the Well being and Security page on their web site.