July 25, 2024


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The God-Almighty Steam Engine in the Sky

The God-Almighty Steam Engine in the Sky

In 1948 the Macoy Publishing and Masonic Company in New York published a book entitled Freemasonry its Hidden Meaning. An objective of Freemasonry at that time was the rediscovery of a lost science in which knowledge of the Principle of Construction would free humanity from living under the yoke of the Principle of Destruction. Recent discoveries demonstrate that the success of such an objective becomes of paramount human survival importance.

Throughout history the Principle of Destruction was associated with various gods. In Egypt the god was called Set and in Greece, Diabolos, the god of Plato’s Chaos Physics, the destroyer of worlds. NASA has published papers arguing that Plato’s world view was based upon fractal geometrical logic. We might well consider that Plato’s definition of evil as being the destructive property innate in unformed matter within the atom, might warrant further investigation. In modern science the governing Principle of Destruction is called the second law of thermodynamics, based upon the logic of universal atomic decay.

By popular tradition, if you worship the Devil you lose your immortal soul and inhabit a Hell of utter despair. In his famous paper A Universe in Thermodynamic Ruin, the 1950 Nobel Laureate mathematician and logician, Bertrand Russell, considered that our present science is governed by the second law of thermodynamics. He wrote “Only within the scaffolding of these truths, only on the firm foundation of unyielding despair, can the soul’s habitation henceforth be safely built.” The eminent Max Plank Astrophysicist, Peter Kafka, in his essays entitled The Principle of Creation and the Global Acceleration Crisis, wrote that the principle of Russell’s law has long been recognised as the Devil, “diabolos”. Kafka adds, that the Devil is not evil but illogical, just like scientists, technologists and politicians.

One may ask how Bertrand Russell, as a famous mathematician and logician can possibly be considered to be illogical? The Classical Greek life science was based upon fractal logic which extends to infinity, while any life science belonging to Russell’s world view can only be about species moving toward thermodynamic extinction. What we have is two world views in total contradiction with each other, rather than both being in a state of harmonic balance. Sir Isaac Newton’s harmonic balancing physics, based upon the Greek fractal logic, was discovered in the 20th Century and it remains classified as heresy. Buckminster Fuller used the same heretic ideas in complete contradiction to Russell’s mathematical world view, laying the strongest possible foundations for the three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry’s, Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold Kroto and Richard E. Smalley to establish their new life science institute.

The diabolic Principle of Destruction changed its Grecian shape to become worshiped in the form of the steam engine during the 19th Century. Greek fractal mathematical logic had been banished in the 5th Century by St Augustine. In his sexually disturbed Confessions, Plato’s definition of evil as being a destructive property of unformed matter within the atom was translated by Augustine as being an evil somehow associated with female sexuality. History’s Dr of Science, St Thomas Aquinas’ Angel Physics carried forward this illogical scientific concept, resulting in three centuries of horrific crimes against countless women and children as witches.

The British economist Thomas Malthus as the director of the East India Company, implemented the pragmatic aspects of Thomas Aquinas’ world-view philosophy into that company’s economic policies. His famous Population essay is cited as being the inspiration for the evolutionary life science theories of both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. Darwin was employed by the East India Company on his famous voyage on HMS Beagle and Maltus’ doctrines became synonymous with the energy laws governing steam engine technology. The East India Company used that technology to become an economic world power. Lord Russell’s second law of thermodynamics is simply Carnot’s energy law governing the functioning of steam engines.

The law governing global technological development does indeed apply to all mechanical equations and calculations. Fullerene life-science chemistry, based upon fractal logic, does not. The great steam engine in the sky is a totally mechanical contraption concept with no spiritual or holographic substance. Einstein’s colleague, Sir Arthur Hamilton, had no right to call the energy law, thought to be running the universe, as the supreme metaphysical law of the entire universe, because metaphysics is a fractal logic concept.