February 24, 2024


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Top 6 Shooting Drills to Help College Athletes Develop Strength & Power

Top 6 Basketball Shooting Drills for Coaches and Players – Blazepod

Are you a college basketball coach or athlete looking to improve your shooting skills and build strength and power? Look no further! This post will discuss the top six basketball shooting drills that can help college athletes achieve their goals.

These drills have been carefully selected to challenge and improve various aspects of shooting, including accuracy, form, and footwork. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these drills will take your game to the next level.

So, grab a ball and get ready to work on the court.

One-dribble pull-up

The one-dribble pull-up is a valuable skill for any college basketball player to have in their arsenal. It allows quick and efficient scoring opportunities, particularly in transition or ball screens.

To execute a one-dribble pull-up, the player will take one dribble toward the basket before pulling up for a jump shot. You can do this with either hand or from various floor spots.

Incorporating this move into shooting drills will help college athletes develop their strength, power, decision-making, and scoring abilities. It’s worth adding to your practice routine.

Crossover pull-up

The crossover pull-up is a great shooting drill for college basketball athletes looking to develop strength and power. This drill involves dribbling the ball across the court and then pulling up for a jump shot.

The crossover element adds an element of athleticism and quickness, making it a perfect drill for college players looking to improve their overall game.

Not only will this drill help improve shooting form and accuracy, but it will also work on footwork and ball-handling skills. If you’re looking for the best shooting drill for basketball, the crossover pull-up is worth trying out.

Step-back jumper

The step-back jumper is a must-have in any college basketball player’s arsenal. It is a great way to create space and get off a shot over a defender, and it requires strength and power to execute correctly.

To work on your step-back jumper, start by facing a defender one-on-one. As they close out on you, take a hard dribble back and quickly step back into your jump shot.

This will require strength in your legs to make the explosive move and power in your upper body to launch the shot.


Catch-and-shoot” is a critical skill for any college basketball athlete looking to improve their shooting ability. This individual shooting drill involves a passer standing on the wing and tossing the ball to the shooter stationed at the top of the key.

The shooter must catch the ball and quickly elevate to shoot, simulating game-like scenarios where they may have to catch and shoot in a split second. This drill helps athletes develop the strength and power in their shooting hand and teaches them to stay ready and prepared for the ball at all times.

So next time you’re working on your individual shooting drills basketball, don’t forget to incorporate some catch-and-shoot reps into the mix.

Spot-up shooting

Spot-up shooting is essential for any college basketball athlete looking to develop strength and power on the court. It’s vital to knock down shots consistently from the perimeter, and one of the best basketball shooting drills to help you improve in this area is the spot-up shooting drill.

This drill involves setting up spots on the court and working on your jump shot from various locations. The key is to focus on your form, follow through, and get in as many repetitions as possible.

By incorporating spot-up shooting into your practice routine, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more potent scoring threat from beyond the arc.


The pick-and-pop is a staple of any college basketball team’s offense, and for a good reason. It’s one of the best shooting drills for basketball that helps athletes develop strength and power.

The drill involves a ball handler using a screen from a teammate, known as the “pick,” to create space and get an open shot. The “pop” comes when the screener, who has rolled to the basket, pops back out to the perimeter for a jump shot. This drill helps players develop shooting skills and the quick decision-making and teamwork needed to execute a successful pick-and-pop play.

So, if you want to take your team’s offense to the next level, add the pick-and-pop to your repertoire of shooting drills.


The top six shooting drills mentioned in this article are effective ways for college basketball athletes to develop strength and power. These drills can help players improve their shooting accuracy and increase their physical strength and power on the court. Whether practicing alone or with a team, incorporating these drills into a regular training routine can positively impact a player’s performance.