July 20, 2024


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Tracking the Impact of Science

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Jayshree Seth is 3M’s Chief Science Advocate, a role that requires her to extol the benefits of science. In this interview with Machine Design, she is candid about her insights and reflections on the impact of the 3M 2022 State of Science Index conducted by Ipsos.

Designed to measure global attitudes about science and the role it plays in society to help shape decision-making, the survey includes the following highlights:

  1. Trust in science is high in America and throughout the world.
  2. The public is aware of widespread misinformation on social media and traditional media, and they’re very concerned about it.
  3. People agree we need more diversity in science, and Americans acknowledge that we need to do more for achieving equity in scientific fields.

The overall tone of the survey is positive, but it also uncovered a number of gaps. The findings showed, for example, that respondents across the globe were concerned about misinformation. “As a scientist, misinformation is really concerning because it can threaten scientific credibility,” said Seth, who advocates for breaking down biases and barriers as a way to help disadvantaged groups excel and persist in STEM careers.

Seth has been with 3M since 1993, when she worked in 3M’s Disposable Products Division. As a corporate scientist she now leads the Industrial Adhesive and Tapes Division, which focuses on the technology development for sustainable products for Industrial markets.