July 19, 2024


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Virtual Labs – The Complete Guide to Virtual Labs

Using virtual labs allows you to give students an endless amount of time to repeat and engage in experiments. In fact. virtual labs allow students to control time: Students can speed up time to complete experiments and study results faster, slow down time to see the details of rapid chemical reactions, and go back in time to repeat experiments multiple times.

There’s no rush in a Labster simulation, so students can go at their own pace, checking theory whenever they want, and repeating experiments again and again, until they’ve mastered it. They don’t have to worry about making mistakes.

In Labster’s Embryology lab, for example, students might incorrectly place a needle in an egg during the windowing experiment, or forget to sterilize the outside of the egg prior to windowing. It is just as likely that students make these mistakes in the virtual lab as it is in a real lab. The key difference is that, in the virtual lab, students can speed up the time in the incubator and quickly see the results to find out if they performed the procedure correctly.

If they made an error, they can simply go back in time and try the methodology again. That means that a lot of time is saved, and since the embryo is virtual, there is no loss or waste of resources.