June 23, 2024


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What Type of Connect 4 to Play?

You are most likely familiar with the Connect 4 board game. Now available online, it is a popular entertainment with everyone. But did you know that it has many variations? So, which one to choose? We hope we can help you decide by presenting the types of Connect 4 available on the market.

Connect 4: the Classic Board Game

Here is the great classic of the game Connect 4 in its most common form with red and yellow tokens. The goal is to be the first player to line up four pieces of the same color on the same line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In turn, each player inserts a token in any column of the grid until one of the two players can line up their 4 pieces to win. You can play connect 4 for free online if you want.

Wooden Connect 4

This Connect 4 game is made of sturdy wood, to find the great classics of board games with resistant games and designed from materials that respect the environment. This game develops logical thinking and strategic skills in children. Indeed, the kids will concentrate and think about the best solutions to be the first to align 4 discs on the same row.

Giant Connect 4

What could be more fun than a giant board game? Toddlers will love playing the giant Connect 4 with the family, indoors or outdoors. The rule of the game is simple and universal: it is played by two, the players are face to face and have chips of a different color. Each player in turn places a pawn in the support grid, the winner is the one who gets the first 4 identical colored tokens on a single line.

Connect 4 Shots

The Connect 4 Shots game is a little different from the classic game. The goal is to line up 4 tokens of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game, but by throwing the balls into the holder. Players choose a color, yellow or red, and must throw them at the same time. They must bounce off the table before entering the grid.

Connect 4 Travel Game

This Connect 4 is perfect for all board game enthusiasts who like to travel because it is foldable. The game’s support grid folds up making it very handy and easy to carry with you anywhere. The grid is red with yellow and blue tokens, making it easier to spot to identify alignments of the same color.