December 5, 2023


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Who Is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Most people have heard about workers’ compensation coverage. This is a coverage that your employer provides in case you sustain injuries or illness while at work. Workers’ compensation coverage is complicated, however. If you have never dealt with workers’ compensation before, it may be difficult to navigate on your own. Here is what you need to know about eligibility.

Employee Eligibility

The first question you might have after sustaining an injury is who is eligible? Workers’ compensation is available for employees. Those who may not qualify for workers’ compensation include:

  • Independent contractors
  • Agricultural workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Loaned employees

Generally, most employers have to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Most states require businesses to provide coverage based on the number of employees. If you’re employed by a company and suffer an injury on the job, then you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Keep in mind that some independent contractors may actually be misclassified. If you have any questions about eligibility for workers’ compensation, speaking to a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon employees depend on may help.

Work-Related Injuries

 In order to be eligible for workers’ compensation, your injuries have to tie back to work-related actions. For instance, if you slip and fall while at work or if you suffer carpal tunnel because of repetitive motion, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. It does not count towards injuries that you sustained before you began working for the company or for injuries that you sustained due to recklessness or drugs or alcohol.

Injuries on the job can lead to serious consequences. You could lose your income due to taking time off work, not to mention the medical bills associated with injuries. If you’re employed by a company and suffer injuries or illness while working, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage.