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York Entrepreneurship Development Institute Enables Accessible Education with New Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Diploma Program

TORONTO, April 12, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Canadian students can now access high-quality education free of charge, thanks to an innovative new diploma program provided by the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI).

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Diploma Program is an unprecedented educational opportunity created to address the dearth of accessible, high-level education available for Canadian business professionals. Available tuition-free to qualifying Canadians, this program will empower professionals with the tools, education, and resources required to attract investors and successfully operate in today’s competitive business ecosystem. With 8/10 YEDI student alumni requesting further in-depth educational programs, the institution saw an opportunity to provide further value and accessible education, coupled with YEDI’s long-standing track record of accelerating successful ventures.

“We are bridging the gap between accessible and high-quality education,” says Marat Ressin, president of YEDI. “By making this program available to all, we can ensure that a lack of knowledge and inexperience are not standing in the way of Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs. I have always believed in the importance of social impact and the value that these Canadian professionals can add when given the opportunity to maximize their professional potential.”

As a Canadian charity, YEDI is committed to ensuring its world-class educational programs are accessible and affordable for all Canadians. To meet this commitment, YEDI has secured funding to ensure that all interested Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to the program, entirely free of tuition. Free access to the program is conditional based upon academic performance, with a required minimum average of 80% per semester. The first cohort of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Diploma Program will take place in September 2022, with approximately 50 participants from unique industries and businesses across the country. The program offers four key curriculum components – Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Marketing and Sales and Management and Operations. The year-long program will include 42 instructional weeks and will be available with online, hybrid, and in-classroom options.

“I launched my venture with an idea, but no formal business education. I never considered enrolling in a business program, but discovering YEDI has changed my business trajectory and allowed me to gain the business acumen I didn’t realize I was lacking. The fact this program was tuition-free, part-time and applicable made a profound and immediate difference in my business. The connections, resources and support I gained have propelled my venture at a rate I didn’t think was possible.” – Vlad Zhitnikov, Cloud IT! And YEDI alumni.

YEDI is currently accepting applications for the 2022 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Diploma Program. Interested individuals can learn more and apply for the 2022 cohort by visiting; the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Diploma Program webpage. Applications will remain open until June 01, 2022, with classes scheduled to start in September 2022.

York Entrepreneurship Development Institute: YEDI’s mission is to educate, inspire, and nurture entrepreneurs and not-for-profit leaders with unrivalled programs, resources and mentorship that enable them to drive innovation and generate prosperity in Canada and around the world.

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