Smart Talk: Byrnes Health Education Center hits milestone

Joan S. Reed

Health education in the community and in partnership with families

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Airdate: Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Byrnes Health Education Center is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. What started in York has reached out across the country and delivered seven and a half million health lessons to children and adults.

Much has changed when it comes to health and health education over the past 25 years. Back then, there wasn’t vaping or Obamacare — let alone a President Obama. On Tuesday’s program, we examine the health concerns that Americans had then and what are the issues that require or they want education on today.

Appearing on Tuesday’s Smart Talk to discuss the history of health education and what’s important today are Anne Bahn, President/CEO, Byrnes Health Education Center,
Jamie Reisinger, Vice President of Education, Byrnes Health Education Center, and Chris Baldrige, Executive Director, Harrisburg Public Schools Foundation along with the Center’s Founder
Susan P. Byrnes.

Five actions to help threatened and endangered species

How can an animal or plant recover enough to be taken off the endangered species list? A group of educators studied that question and found time on the list, money and being an animal with a backbone – a vertebrae — helps. Forty-six species have been removed from the endangered species list.

Researchers listed five factors that decision-makers can take to accelerate the recovery of imperiled species.

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