9 Reasons Why Campus Online Learning Teams Should Be Permanently Remote

In conversations with colleagues across higher ed who are leading campus online learning teams, I commonly hear about the following challenges:

  • Post-COVID, online learning is snowballing — and we need to build up our internal institutional capacities if we are going to meet this demand.
  • Building a deep enough bench on the campus online learning team is challenging, as there is lots of competition for learning design and project management talent.

The mismatch between the demand for institutional online learning capacity (high) and the supply of campus people who can do this work (low) has pushed many schools to sign agreements with online program management companies. OPMs may involve high revenue shares and long-term contracts. Still, they address scarcities in start-up capital and campus people resources and allow schools to move quickly in developing and launching online programs.

I don’t have all that many answers to the challenges of start-up

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Students at online charter school Utah Connections Academy build community through gaming | News

WOODS CROSS — Every Wednesday afternoon, after classes are over, more than 100 elementary school students from Utah Connections Academy plug in their PlayStations, power on their Xboxes and open up their laptops to begin building in Minecraft.

Unlike other children playing video games after school, these children are participating in a school-sanctioned activity.

“Who’s ready to get started? Just give me a hand wave or say it in the chat. Get pumped,” said Nate Gealta, a sixth grade teacher at UCA, during a recent meeting of the Minecraft portion of the school’s gaming club.

The UCA Gaming Club began a couple of weeks ago, Gealta said. Approximately 160 students from kindergarten to sixth grade play Minecraft, while 53 students from seventh to 12th grade play Rocket League. Secondary students are slated to begin participating in national Rocket League competitions with schools similar to UCA next year.

UCA is a

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Tencent leads the new-normal Smart Education era via Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions

Tencent leads the new-normal Smart Education era via Tencent Cloud Online Education Solutions

The arrival of Covid-19 has given rise to a number of challenges that are the natural result of efforts to control the pandemic. Much affected by these measures has been the operation of Thai education, due to the limit of capability and efficiency of online education as well as technological inequality between more well-off institutions in bigger cities and their counterparts in remote areas.

Nearly 13 million students and 600,000 teachers have been forced to stay on pause. Also, in remote area, access to learning materials were uneven and new solutions were needed to ensure students in remote areas do not fall behind.

Attempting to reduce the gaps, Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Tencent), a leading provider of entertainment platforms and world-class technology solutions in today’s Smart Education

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Simaero’s Online Learning Management System Successfully Obtains EASA Approval

Simaero announced that its Online Learning Management System (“OLMS”) has been successfully approved by French DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile / French General Directorate for Civil Aviation), and thus by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Simaero’s OLMS provides a full range of theoretical courses such as type rating programs. It includes computer-based training for aircraft systems as well as typical ground course content normally presented in a classroom with an instructor, such as Mass and Balance, Limitations, Performances and normal and abnormal standard operations procedures. Special modules for Low visibility, Upset Recovery, Performance Based Navigation are available as well.

This innovative concept in the pilot training industry was initiated in order to provide clients from all around the world with an efficient solution to continue pilots’ training during the global pandemic as well as to offer a modern and cost-effective tool to deliver theoretical instruction.

“During global COVID pandemic

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