July 20, 2024


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Downloadable Puzzle Game – Bumps

Downloadable Puzzle Game – Bumps

Bumps is a fun and entertaining arcade game that features unique puzzles that need to be solved for you to progress. The game does start with a little introduction, advising you that aliens have invaded the bumps home world and have imprisoned many of the bumps.

You must travel the bumps world, as you do complete the physic puzzles to free the imprisoned bumps. This is done by positioning the free bumps in certain positions so that they fall and collect the keys. These keys will then unlock the prison locks and will release the bumps.

The game is more challenging than it sounds, at first the levels are fairly simply. This is to teach you about the game play and how the physics work in the game. As it does progress the game does naturally become harder and more challenging.

The puzzles require more thought and planning, the free bumps you have are different sizes, platforms they fall on do different things. Not only this but as you progress you will also need to pick up objects that will alter the bump, by making it bigger or small or even increasing the speed of the bumps.

You will also have to solve puzzles by combining different colour bumps to their matching colour keys, this making it a little more complicating to free the bumps. If you’re looking for a unique puzzle game that is similar to crazy machines or the incredible machine then this is perfect for you!

Back in the early game era there was a game called crazy machine that did require you to complete puzzles with different objects. This is taking that principle of gaming to a new level!

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