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Joan S. Reed
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A combat sport like Muay Thai is not all about throwing punches, kicking, or being brute. No, that one makes Muay Thai a great sport. It involves a deeper form of learning that even transcends the walls of an academy.  

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Muay Thai is just as intuitive and fun as it is technical.  

Muay Thai has a different face that every aspiring trainer must know before they learn Muay Thai. The sport contains history, culture, architecture, discipline, philosophy, psychology, fitness, and even medicine.  

It is a combat sport that evolved from the ancient form as a military combat style, with lots of rich history.  

Now, various Muay Thai academies offer plenty of courses on Muay Thai as a sport. And the best complete courses on Muay Thai you will find out there are in Thailand. 

Why study a Muay Thai course?                          

Of course, you may be wondering why I am advising you to study a course for a “combat sport”. And I am sure the following reasons will clear your doubts; 

  • It is comprehensive and deep 

If you register for a Muay Thai course and complete it, you can be sure you need no further lectures. The courses are usually easy to follow through, comprehensive and interactive. In the Muay Thai course for fitness, you will even learn the meaning and reason for each move. 

  • It is fun and interactive 

Unlike your traditional classes, Muay Thai classes hold in a large fitness camp. These camps will become social and interactive places for all learners. It also makes it easier to bond and share different experiences.  

Muay Thai programs do not necessarily take place in a classroom. 

  • Earn a certificate of completion at the end 

After your learning period, most Muay Thai academies will present you with a completion certificate. Having a certificate can save you from a lot of issues in the future. Also, you are more respected in the Muay Thai world with a certificate, especially from a Thai academy.  

  • Closer connections in the school 

In classroom-style learning, you can learn a whole lot through the personal experiences of others. When the instructor treats individual questions from 20 people, you have learned from 20 different experiences. 

  • Teaches you morals and discipline 

As mentioned earlier, Muay Thai at is entrenched deeply in the earlier cultures of Thailand. Decency, discipline, and honor are some of the core values it teaches. Without these values, it may be harder to master the art of Muay Thai. 

In some ways, people believe that this is one of the many reasons therapists recommend Muay Thai to their patients. 

No Sport without Education 

All sport is upheld by some core principles, that without these principles, they will be lost and forever forgotten. Thailand is home to several fitness centers that offer dedicated Muay Thai programs to all.  

These programs not only initiate more Muay Thai lovers but breed more enthusiasts rather than fanatics. 

Education in Thailand improves the quality of Muay Thai competition.     

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