June 20, 2024


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Play Things: Can Toys Be Subject To Product Liability Claims?

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It’s not unlikely to think that toy manufacturers are burdened with the responsibility and commitment to produce toys that are safe to use, especially among children.


However, a personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA would caution that despite the perceived safety regulations, it is still worth mentioning that manufacturing defects could occur at any time during the manufacturing, handling, or even shipping process.


Are defective toys common or not?

In fact, a 2018 report indicated that there were a number of recalls that were initiated, such as pottery wheels, crayons, Virginia, bath toys, and plush animals, just to name a few. Almost every year, product recalls for art supplies, electronics, sports gear, and apparel, which include those specially designed for children.


According to personal injury lawyers Virginia Beach, it is important for every consumer to know their rights when it comes to injury or damage that may arise from having or using defective toys.


While manufacturers are obligated to inform customers or the public regarding potential hazards, many of these product recalls are not widely publicized or announced to the general public. This is one of the reasons why you may not be aware if one of your children’s toys were pulled off the market.


Nonetheless, a personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA encourages that in such situations, anyone affected can file for a product liability claim, especially if someone in your family gets injured or harmed while using or playing with a toy or product that has been recalled.


It is important to note that regardless of when the manufacturer has initiated a product recall, they are not absolved of any liability for harm or injury caused by their product.


Product liability claims can be complicated, so it is wise and prudent to seek legal counsel or a personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA when planning to sue in court.


Who are liable for product liability claims for a defective toy product?

Most people assume that manufacturers shoulder the responsibility for damage or injuries caused by their toy products. However, there are parties that may be involved in a product liability lawsuit depending on the circumstances that led to the production of the defective toy product.

These include the original designer or company that engineered the product, the logistics or shipping company that distributed the toy product to the stores, the package designer or marketer, and the toy retailer.


How to increase chances of winning a toy product liability claim

Determining who is at fault in any product liability case can be very complicated and requires thorough investigation and collection of evidence. For instance, the claimant needs to specifically determine how the defect occurred and how it has led to the injury or damage.

In this case, getting a personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA is your best option in ensuring that you get the justice you deserve, especially since personal injury lawyers know the details, intricacies, and processes that are involved to make sure that all bases are properly covered.