February 24, 2024


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Psychic Paranormal Terms for Ghost Hunters

The psychic spirit world is full of mystery and unexplained phenomena. If we use accurate terms to give our ghost hunter experiences meaning we gain clarity.

Here are key terms used in the paranormal.

1. Poltergeist. This word comes from the German language and means loud spirit. Poltergeist activity is always noisy. During it spirits make their presence known by actions such as rattling cupboards, by creating distortion sounds on television and radio sets, and they often make the sound of music come out of thin air when there is nobody and no thing to manifest the sound.

It is often the case a ghost wants to contact one living to get an important message across. Frustration on behalf of the spirit entity is normal as there is a major gap in communication channels between the living and the spirit worlds. There are psychics who can communicate directly with the ethereal spirit and tune into astral messages like a finely tuned radio dial picks up music.

2. Haunted houses. This is a house for ghosts and entities who remain and refuse to leave the location. Unexplained phenomena like hearing footsteps while nobody is in view, a cold room where the walls upon touch feel chilly, and an eerie feeling like you have someone watching you though no one is present.

Observers of haunted houses note any kind of paranormal psychic activity occurs between twelve midnight and four in the morning. Old wives tales say witches and warlocks are more prevalent around this time. Others note there is far less human and electrical disturbance as most people are asleep at this time and it lets the spirit voices be heard.

3. Psychic imprints. Upon visiting a famous field of battle that happened during the American Civil War my friend remarked he could feel the departed soldiers now in the spirit world around him. There are legends of soldiers caught between this world and the afterlife zone where most normal people go after death. This is a soldier who served in battle, who died violently, and experienced a slow and tortuous physical death. The soldier is dead and they are deceased yet are not deceased in the normal way most people use the term.

Upon many an agonizing death in battle strong emotional imprints are left upon the battlefield location. Even centuries later when people visit a famous historical place known for its butchering and savagery they can feel the gloom and pain in the air that occurred decades ago.

4. Demon Possession. This happens when a negative spirit invades and takes over a human being and uses the person as a host. The demon overrides the mind of its victim and makes its thoughts the only ones totally changing the character of the old personality. It is a lot different to psychic attack, which is much easier to defend against, since in psychic attacks the onslaught is from the outside whereas in demonic possession the person suffering has been infiltrated from within.

The ghost hunter of today uses many tools to understand the non material realm. A clear understanding of the unexplained psychic phenomena gives our paranormal researcher the edge.