The Cornwall Lebanon School Board’s decision against masking defies both logic and science | Opinion

By Dr. James H. Birkholz

No man is an island. – John Donne

It is readily apparent that the Cornwall-Lebanon School Board of Directors/Trustees and superintendent are not familiar with the works of Mr. Donne.

When I walked through the doors at the Cornwall-Lebanon School Board meeting on Aug. 16, 2021, the prevailing board sentiment was clear even before I sat down. Neither the superintendent nor a single board member wore a mask. This, despite data proven increases in cases of COVID-19 variants throughout our nation, Texan hospitals exceeding capacity, and other schools already demonstrating significant spread of disease in absence of masking requirements.

The decision of Dr. Philip L. Domencic and the Cornwall-Lebanon School Board trustees to make masking optional within a partially vaccine ineligible population was not based on scientific, peer reviewed literature or consideration of national recommendations.

Though the Health and Safety Plan references a “District Pandemic

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Best educational books and games for your children to augment their school education

Learning can be fun with educational games and books and these are 11 of the best out there

Best educational games and books for children

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There’s some classics which are timeless and also some new products to enjoy below.

You can also help them to continue the learning at home by investing in a desk for their room. We’ve done the homework for you though and have compiled a list of the top children’s desks.

Children’s Handwriting Notebook

Children’s Handwriting Notebook

Make handwriting practice great fun for your children with this cleverly designed and colourful notebook.

Ideal for children aged five, added handwriting sheets help them to develop their

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Online Education Management System Industry Size 2019, Market Opportunities, Share Analysis up to 2025

A Research study on Online Education Management System Market analyzes and offers ideas of exhaustive research on ancient and recent Online Education Management System market size. Along with the estimated future possibilities of the market and emerging trends in the Online Education Management System market.

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The study presents a feasible estimate of the current market scenario, including the Online Education Management System market size with regards to the volume and

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Director Villeneuve says science fiction epic ‘Dune’ more relevant today

Sept 3 (Reuters) – Tackling politics, religion, the fight for precious resources and the environment, Frank Herbert’s 1965 epic science fiction novel “Dune” is more relevant to today’s audiences, director Denis Villeneuve said on Friday as he brought his ambitious adaptation to the Venice Film Festival.

An ensemble cast led by Timothee Chalamet stars in the mammoth project, set in the future where noble families rule planetary fiefs.

Villeneuve, known for “Blade Runner 2049” and “Sicario”, read Herbert’s 400-page book as a child and described it as a “portrait of the 20th century” which through time became “a prediction of what will happen in the 21st”.

“Sadly the book is by far more relevant today about the danger of the blend between … religion and politics, the danger of messianic figures, the impact of colonialism … the problem with the environment,” he told a news conference.

“His book stayed with

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