MIT and Esme Learning Launch Two New Online Courses in Data Strategy, Smart Mobility

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Esme Learning and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have expanded their collaboration in online executive education with two new six-week courses: Data Strategy: Leverage AI for Business and Smart Mobility: The Future of Transportation Tech & Sustainable Cities.

Successful course participants for both courses will receive a certificate issued by the MIT School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P).

“The next 50 years will bring about profound change in many fields, and working professionals will need to reskill and upskill to prepare for jobs of the future,” said Beth Porter, co-founder and managing director at Esme Learning. “Esme Learning and MIT identified two key industries – mobility and data – as the next to face rapid growth. Our collaboration ensures that working professionals in these industries can easily upskill with help from industry-leading guest speakers in an immersive learning environment.”

“Esme Learning’s courses are

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No tests, mostly activities for school students in UP

Image Source : PTI

Those who are returning to school after almost 18 months will be eased into campus life and no tests will be held for school children in Uttar Pradesh.

There is some good news for school children in Uttar Pradesh. Those who are returning to school after almost 18 months will be eased into campus life and no tests will be held for them in the near future, said the government.

Director General School Education Anamika Singh has instructed all basic education officers to ensure that teachers do not burden children with studies or tests, written or oral, to avoid stressful situations. She stated that the children had a long break from studies and were also witness to the deadly coronavirus which had an adverse effect on their learning.

According to a state government directive, the teachers have instead been asked to extend ’emotional support to children

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Seton Hall Selects COMPASS for NIL Education & Management

South Orange, N.J. – Seton Hall Athletics has selected COMPASS to aid in student-athlete education and management of Name, Image and Likeness opportunities using a one-stop mobile friendly platform, Seton Hall Director of Athletics & Recreation Bryan Felt announced Monday. 

“We are excited to partner with COMPASS to provide our student-athletes the information and tools they need to make sound and informed decisions related to name, image and likeness,” Felt said. “Student-athletes being able to profit off NIL like all of their non-athlete peers was long overdue, and now that the opportunity is there, we are ready to support the process by utilizing COMPASS and ensuring that our student-athletes are educated on best practices.

“Seton Hall has always attracted great student-athletes in part due to its location in the great state of New Jersey and its proximity to New York City and all that

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A Science Fiction And Fantasy Reader’s Guide : Life Kit : NPR

Photograph of a person reading a book in a dark room. The book is emitting light.
Photograph of a person reading a book in a dark room. The book is emitting light.

If reading fiction is an exercise in empathy, a way for you to see the world through someone else’s eyes, then reading science fiction and fantasy ups the ante. You still see through someone else’s eyes, but the world you’re seeing could be a distant planet, an alternate timeline, a land of magic and mystery, or maybe, our own familiar world, just … tweaked a bit. Also, that someone else might have four eyes, or eight, or none at all. I’m Glen Weldon, one of the hosts of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, and we’re teaming up with Life Kit for a beginner’s guide to science fiction and fantasy, so I’m joined by NPR Books editor Petra Mayer, who’s just a little bit of a sci-fi and fantasy fan.

People have a lot of preconceived ideas about sci-fi and fantasy — that it’s for nerds, that it’s just about spaceships

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