Wilmington is home to Ivybrook Academy’s newest location

WILMINGTON, N.C. — A new preschool in the Tar Heel state takes a new, child-centered approach to learning that focuses on discovery and imagination. Only eight of its kind exists in the state, and this is the first one to open on the coast.

What You Need To Know

  • Ivybrook Academy combines Montessori academics and the Reggio Emilia approach.
  • There are 31 locations across the country and eight locations in the state.
  • Co-owners Krista Smart Beall and Nicholas Beall opened their own Ivybrook Academy before the age of 30.

Ivybrook Academy is a half day preschool program with a blended curriculum of Montessori academics and the Reggio Emilia learning approach. It’s a multisensory, discovery based program that allows children’s natural love for learning to flourish. 

The combination of the two methods creates a unique learning enviornment.

“With a traditional Montessori school, those are amazing, especially for kids who are able

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Using video games for online student engagement

Play is a fundamental way in which we learn. Long before children encounter formal educational methods, they play, learning new skills and behaviours along the way.

As a formalised style of play, games are well suited to education. They are inherently engaging and have built-in reward structures and variable levels of difficulty. Furthermore, many games encourage cooperation, group work and the development of communication and problem-solving skills. For these reasons, games are used extensively in early years education.

However, their use in further and higher education is much rarer. While we see examples of gamification (using game elements in a non-game setting), actual games are scarce. Significantly, games are often perceived as juvenile pursuits, inappropriate for adult learners. There is also a lack of an established pedagogy and a much smaller library of specifically designed learning games aimed at older learners.

However, there are many opportunities to use games

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35 Cuyahoga County schools, districts will have blended learning if needed for coronavirus exposure

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Thirty-five Cuyahoga County public and private schools and districts sent forms to the Ohio Department of Education declaring they’ll have blended learning if necessary due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

This is up 14 from last week. Beachwood is the only Cuyahoga school district that hasn’t declared a plan for blended or online learning.

Tuesday was the deadline for sending the Ohio Department of Education declarations of blended learning, which means students will spend a minimum of 51% of the time in the classroom this school year and the remaining time learning at home.

Schools may be faced with blended learning, enrolling kids online schools or tacking additional days onto the end of the school year if there is a COVID-19 outbreak or exposure and the people exposed were nor not vaccinated or wearing masks. If schools did not submit plans for online or blended learning, students will

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Five Chilly SF Stories to Help Beat the Summer Heat

There’s nothing quite like to make one think of winter. Which, don’t get me wrong, will be bitterly resented when it arrives—

Which set me to thinking about delightful stories set on cooler worlds.


Our Lady of the Ice by Cassandra Rose Clarke (2015)

Some might call building an amusement park in Antarctica visionary. Others might call the scheme deranged. While Hope City hardly grew into the Paris of the South, it did succeed in firmly establishing Argentina’s claim to Antarctic territory. Economic success can be a side-issue to nationalism.

Not that patriotism keeps Hope City’s unfortunate inhabitants any warmer. Although the community does have an export—atomic power—Hope City’s economy is threadbare. Its inhabitants remain because they cannot afford to leave.

Mr. Cabrera’s business model requires denying any alternatives to Hope City’s trapped population, the better to exploit them. Marianella Luna’s covert bid to displace imported food with local produce

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